Working Towards a Sustainable Future

We care deeply for the future of our planet. While we take pride in our achievements as a leader in corporate sustainability, we’re always looking ahead, setting new goals, and reaching for higher standards. Our mission is to make people’s lives better, easier, and more fulfilling. Read our report to find out how we have been recognized for this in recent years, and how we plan to continue to do so in the future. As a global citizen, DEKEY is changing the way we think, design, produce, and package. We’re forming partnerships that help us maximize our efforts, and we’re creating solutions that benefit consumers and the planet.

Protect and Enhance

At Dekey, we are true global citizens. Initiatives from across the globe benefit the
company in various ways. When an initiative comes from a specific region, it impacts us on a global scale, enabling us to stay vigilant and improve ourselves across the board.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Climate Action

Good Health and Well-Being

Becoming more sustainable doesn’t mean compromising on quality

Dekey creates products that make people’s lives easier, better and fulfilling through the power of technology. Our dedication to people-inspired design and quality informs everything that we do, from our user testing and prototyping process to regulatory compliance, manufacturing and warranty programs.

Beyond achieving business success through the sales of our products in the global marketplace, our foundational focus remains steadfast on R&D, community, education, and sustainability. We believe in leaving the world a better place and remain forever inspired by people and the planet we live on.

Create sustainable packaging and use recyclable packaging elements
Reduce use of petroleum-based materials and integrate environmentally-friendly ones
Recycling & Disposal
Provide eco-friendly options for recycling and disposing of used products
Reduce the carbon impact of our manufacturing processes
Committed to the Journey

Sustainability is a journey. When we started out, we already felt a sense of urgency, like when you start a road trip and think, if only we’d gotten up earlier, we’d be a couple of hours ahead.

Even though we’ve just begun, we’re focused on the future and finding new solutions that will reduce our carbon impact and increase environmentally-friendly practices for our products, people, supply chains, and in our manufacturing.